APRIL 2019: Osp- Luknja: project Working class- Leon was climbed by Klemen Bečan. It is graded 8c.

APRIL 2019: Aurisina – Ovest: There are 2 new routes: Baywatch 5b all the way to the right, and Pam Anderson, straight up from Bestia.

MAY 2019: Vipava – sector Gornja pot has about 10 new routes. As of yet they don’t have grades or names, but shouldn’t be too hard. Also, a new spectacular via ferrata was recently opened close to Luska sector.

JUNE 2019: Osp – Big Wall: Silvo Karo bolted a new multipitch route (there are also a few pitons, but they should be tip top). It’s called Janči, with the grades 5b, 6a+, 6b+, 5c, 5a. It starts the same as Medo and then goes on its left after the middle of second pitch and joins again on the 4th anchor. Should be very fresh!

Also, in Babna wall there is new 7c, Triceratops, between Long run and Paris Dakar. There are also two new projects which are still in concept form. One starts in Matiček and crosses low over Karies to finish in Gronolom. The other splits at the crux of Karies into its own finish.