ISTRIA topo is out now!

After a long wait Istria finally got its own topo! More than 300 pages, 350 color photo-topos for 1400 routes. Obsessively researched and compiled for the best climbing experience in this blessed part of the Earth. Detailed descriptions of crags and approach with GPS and QR codes. Chats with significant climbers, rest day suggestions, fun and informative stuff, great photos, tick lists and more.

Covers the crags between Buzet and Rijeka: Kompanj, Krkuž, Balcony, Hum, Čiritež, HC, Nugla, Raspadalica, Pandora, Buzetski kanjon, Kamena vrata, Istarske toplice, Čepić, Ponte Porton, Pazin, Dvigrad, Limski kanal, Rovinj, Vinkuran, Rabac, Brseč, Mošćenička draga, Medveja, Vela draga, Kanjon Rječine, Veli vrh, Kamenjak.

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Vodnik bo na prodaj po mnogih točkah Kraškega roba, kot so kamp Vovk, hostel Ocizla, Xaxid in Pod kostanji; na Hrvaškem v Roču in na turistični zvezi Buzet ter tudi drugod. Kupiti ga bo mogoče v trgovinah Iglu in Kibuba in ostalih trgovinah s športnoplezalno opremo. Na voljo bo v vseh pomembnejših centrih, kot so Plezalni center Ljubljana, Balvanija, Stena, Plus climbing Koper in Sežana, Bricalp. Poleg tega bo vodnik mogoče kupiti v knjigarnah po vsej Sloveniji. Lahko ga naročite tudi preko te strani na www.krimp.si/order/


The topo will be available at many points across the Krast edge, like camp Vovk in Osp, hostel Ocizla, Xaxid and Pod kostanji; in Croatia in Roč and tourist association Buzet and elsewhere. You can buy it in Iglu and Kibuba shops and the other sport climbing shops. It will be sold in most key climbing centers, like Climbing center Ljubljana, Balvanija, Stena, Plus climbing Koper and Sežana and Bricalp. Apart from that the topo will be available also in bookshops in most of Slovenia. You can also order it online here www.krimp.si/order/ or via the page www.kletterfuehrer.net




Well, the title page, for starters. Along with many new photos, texts and a complete design overhaul. It has been rethinked ground up: from fonts, layout, other elements, photo-topos and maps. All with the purpose to make the topo more readable, clear, intuitive and easier to use. Of course, you can’t always please everyone, but I hope the new design is a step towards a better and more practical topo.

I also added all new routes in existing areas and corrected some lines, grades and notes. I vigorously follow all the comments and news and recheck (even reclimb) many routes to provide as complete information as possible. I believe that despite many additional content the heart of any topo are the route informations and photo-topos, which is always my main focus. There are bound to be some mistakes and inaccuracies but I take each route, be it 4c or 8c, just as seriously.

I added a short description of every sector to make it easier for you to choose your next climbing destination. I hope it will encourage you to explore some new places in the region! There are three new crags: the huge and not-to-be-missed Val Rosandra/Glinščica, which alone represents about 25% of the new edition. Apart from that, the biggest additions have been Aurisina, Črnotiče and new Napoleonica sectors, combined adding about 1/3 of new routes to the topo.

There are new extensive texts about history and cuisine and a big section on rest day suggestions, especially (but not exclusively) useful for foreign visitors.  I recycled some of the older material, from previous topo and Beta magazine (as I think it’s good enough and new users might enjoy it), but I’ve also added many new stories, trivia and funny stuff. Some jokes will inevitably be bad – but I left them in so that they make the mediocre ones look better.

Last but not least, there are some really interesting interviews with some key people, who live and create this area as it is. They know, how it came to be like it is, what makes it tick and are familiar with the problems. They are very inspiring figures for your climbing as well and should paint a nice picture of the Karst edge as I know and love. Janko Sever, Adam Ondra, Vili Guček, Tadej Slabe, Betka Galičič, Klemen Vodlan, Gabriele Gorobey, Emilio Comici, Emiliano Zorzi and Benjamin Marjanovič are a colorful group, representing old and new, equippers and locals, hardcore climbers and climbing hedonists (well, sometimes both).

BUT WHAT ABOUT BUZET AREA? Hey, I couldn’t fit everything into one book. When the material started to acummulate I realized it will be too much for one book. It’s clumsy and hard to use, not to mention heavy. So I decided to split it into two books: Karst edge and Istria (for Croatian crags in Istria). To compensate for that, I set a really nice price for both books, so you don’t overpay for this decision. Sounds fair? Both books will not cost you more than 34€ both and 17€ for one edition. So hold your horses, Istria is coming in about 2 months and is actually the second half of a single project, split for your convenience.



New guidebook for Karst Edge is out now!

So, what’s new?

So much more material has been accumulated that we decided to split the topo in two books, Karst edge for Slovenian and Italian crags and Istria for Croatian part. We’re sure it’s also much more practical to use smaller book while climbing, so there you have it. But don’t worry, we kept the price as low as it gets. The first book, Karst edge wil cost you no more than 17€.

It will include the crags: Mišja peč, Osp – Banje & Babna, Luknja, Big Wall, Črni Kal, Črnotiče (bouldering place new to this edition), Risnik, Napoleonica, Santa Croce, Costiera, Aurisina (new nice winter crag), Sistiana, Doberdo, Grotta Katerina and Val Rosandra (a HUGE new addition).

All the crags have been revisited, updated and reevaluated, with many new photos, maps and trivia.

The topo also has lots of extra content, like the rest day recommendations, interviews with key climbers like Ondra, Slabe, Sbisi, Galičič, Vodlan, history, culinary and climbing articles and so much more. It will be your Bible while climbing in this part of the world!



Old editions of our topos were all sold out long ago. These include the best selling



If you wish to still get them… well you can’t. Unless you steal them somewhere. But don’t. The new topo is much better.